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The Customs Officer's Association of Australia 
Proud to be an Independent, Free Trade Union 
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27August 1999
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Welcome to the web page of the Customs Officer's Association of Australia (COA).  The COA is a registered trade union as defined by the Commonwealth of Australia Workplace Relations Act of 1997.  The COA was established to represent the industrial interests of Australian Customs Officers working on community protection, compliance, revenue collection, facilitation and related duties throughout Australia.  The COA remains one of the few independent workplace-specific trade unions at a national level in Australia.  The COA mission is expressed in our motto,  

To assist you to learn more about those aspects of the COA which interest you, we have provided a number of buttons and links to your left.  These lead to other pages which provide additional information on particular subjects.  For example, to learn more about the background and history of the COA and some of the issues which affected Customs Officers in days past, please activate the 'History' button/link.  

The COA currently has in excess of 400 active members engaged on Customs duties throughout Australia, and new members are seeking to join every week.  The COA has also been engaged to represent the industrial interests of a number of other Customs Officers.  To learn more about the duties performed by Australian Customs Officers, please activate the 'Customs' button/link.  

The COA is active in representing the industrial interests of its members in their roles of protecting the Australian community, collecting public revenue, and assisting trade between Australia and the world.  To learn more about the current activities of the COA, please activate the 'Activities' button/link.  

The COA is not prepared to sit by and watch the right of our members to equitable working conditions eroded by the provocative industrial policies of the Howard Liberal Government.  The COA is also not prepared to sit by and watch the Australian community and commercial sector left vulnerable by the neglect and indifference of government and bureaucracy.  To access the latest information about the COA's position on current and emerging issues, please activate the 'News' button at left.  

The COA has formed a number of strategic alliances with like-minded organisations.  We are also keen to promote access to the universe of information available through the Internet as a means of assisting our members to be more effective Customs Officers.  If you wish to learn more about our strategic alliances, or to acquire more information about Customs or industrial relations-related subjects, please activate the 'Links' button/link.  

To make direct contact with members of the COA Executive, please activate any of the following e-mail links:  

Federal President Peter Bennett (Phone 61+2+62541850 or fax 61+2+62543755) 
Federal Vice-President Glenn Jones (Phone 61+411+565050) 
Federal Secretary Bob Gauke (Phone/fax 61+2+98269169) 

Activate this link to leave a message in our Guest Book or to read the views of our members. It really is worth a look as the members continue to be very active in their opinions.

If you want to see changes to our web page, please let us know through emailing our webmaster. 

You can also reach us by conventional mail at:  

The Customs Officer's Association of Australia
P.O. Box 118, Hoxton Park
New South Wales, 2171

To assist members and visitors in searching the World Wide Web, we have included direct access to the WebCrawler Search engine below.

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This page is copyright to the Customs Officer's Association of Australia - 1998.  In the spirit of sharing on the Internet, the COA has no objection to persons or organisations using material or graphics found in these pages on the proviso that the use is not offensive, criminal or contrary to the interests of the COA, and provided that written permission is obtained from the COA in advance.