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The COA wins the right to represent its members in negotiating Australian Workplace Agreements with Customs!!! 

Set out below is the text of a letter received today by COA Federal Vice President Glenn Jones.  You will see that Customs has finally had to recognise the COA's right to represent its members under the Workplace Relations Act.  We will keep you posted as negotiations proceed. 

For those of you who previously sort the right to have the COA represent you in negotiating an agreement with Customs, you might wish to consider writing to NM Staffing Jan Dorrington.  You should inform her that you have appointed the COA as your bargaining agent and wish to commence negotiation of an AWA immediately.  Don't forget to send a copy of your letter to Peter Bennett (Border Intel Canberra) or Glenn Jones (Dumping Operations Canberra).

Mr Glenn Jones
Dumping Branch

I am writing in response to your MSMail message to me dated 26 February 1998 about the appointment of the Customs Officers Association of Australia (Fourth Division) (COAAFD) as your bargaining agent in the making of an Australian Workplace Agreement (AWA). I also refer to my earlier minute to you about the position of the COAAFD in relation to the making of certified agreements.

The Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business advise that Deputy President Harrison's orders under section 118A of the Industrial Relations Act 1988 would not prevent an official of the COAAFD acting as your bargaining agent in the making of an AWA.

You or your bargaining agent can make an approach to Customs in relation to negotiating an AWA, However I would advise in relation to the possible timing of any AWA negotiations that our current priority is the settlement of the certified agreements.

Jan Dorrington
National Manager Staffing
12 March 1998

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